THREE: Work by Marina Weisburg / by Marina Weisburg

Texas (Ghazal)

I’d lick a prickly pear in Odessa, Texas
Wear a blue bonnet in the breeze of Corpus Christi

Throw clown noses at cacti in Eden

Skip class to crunch on tumbleweeds
and pick the bones out of my teeth in Seagrave, Texas

I’d chase armadillos on a pogo stick
Go skinny-dipping in an oil well in Sweetwater

In the Permian Basin, rain evaporates
before it hits the ground

I have never been to Texas
I will probably never go to Texas



We saw
the woman with soft smelling hair
flirting with our dad

They were sitting outside on the porch swing
talking quietly

We saw
mom in the kitchen
shifting everything
an inch to the left

We brought out spoonfuls of ketchup
and ate them
one full spoon of sugary tomato each
staring right at them,
at her

And they knew how much of an insult it was
by my grin,
identical to yours
and by how quickly we ran away

You’re the only person I’ll ever love.
Which is ok.
Because I really love you.