Day Four: Sagittarius Season / by Jo Barchi

I’m on coke and I can’t stop
And by masturbating I mean not
Texting you back

And by not texting you back I mean
Not being texted back but really I am horny
I almost called you on my way home
But that wouldn’t do anything
I want it to I don’t want to scare you
I just want you to come back

Brown eyes
Dark hair
East coast
Bad taste in
Good kisser
Almost available
Nearly emotionally
Perfectly physically

Holding me in the kitchen
Making pasta
Watching me make pasta
Offering to help, standing to the side
Sitting on the floor
Before we got a kitchen table
the music
I put on
You love
Kissing to swedish post punk

Closing the door
For the chance
To kiss more
It was so cold
That week we
Spent together

Going to the art institute
To stare and laugh so much
I don’t feel bad about this
How you ghosted me
But I would like to apologize
For not eating for 11 hours
The course of
Our second date


Jo Barchi is a writer from Rhode Island. They currently live in Chicago where they work in an ice cream shop. They are an editor at Ghost City Press. Their work has appeared in Shabby Dollhouse, and elsewhere.