Day Three: Libra Season / by Jo Barchi

First you fuck me against a door and then it’s in a bar bathroom and i’m drunk and I fall on the sidewalk and i’m laughing and you’re so angry with me. You shove a sprig of lavender up my pussy and take me from behind in a BP bathroom on Ashland. One fuck after another. You are tireless, ever since you found out you can make me cum twice in 10 minutes, once will never be enough. Your cum mixes with the lavender, it’s a spell or whatever. You fuck me in the dressing room of a nameless clothing store and i don’t cry afterwards or buy anything. You finger me in the back of an uberpool for five minutes but we are both too drunk and tired so you stop. I massage your back in the bath when you're on ecstasy and I think it might turn into fucking, but it never does. This is a dream. I haven’t let you fuck me yet. I’ll probably cry after the first time, and every other time after.


Jo Barchi is a writer from Rhode Island. They currently live in Chicago where they work in an ice cream shop. They are an editor at Ghost City Press. Their work has appeared in Shabby Dollhouse, and elsewhere.