A Letter from the Editors: Potluck's Next Course / by Melissa Cronin

Since we first formed Potluck Mag in 2014, our mission has been to project the valued voices that we've heard every day to a broader audience—hence our name: potluck; a gathering where everyone is encouraged to bring something to the table. We were, and still are, in awe of the response we've received. Since 2014, we've published hundreds of voices from across the world who sent us their prose, poetry, visual works, music, and more. Our horizons expanded; what started off as a small online project amongst friends in January of 2014 gave way to partnerships, readings, parties, and a bicoastal performance series; it even produced a lovely crowdfunded print magazine. Our little dinner party turned into a gigantic feast that has meant something to a lot of people. We are so eternally grateful for each and every individual who pulled up a seat.

But times have changed, and we have too. The founding members of this site have moved to different places, taken on different responsibilities, and have a whole bunch of exciting new things going on. As a result, we’ve let Potluck slip by the wayside; unable to answer so many of your emails, we haven't been able to dedicate the time and attention Potluck Mag’s readers deserve to fully thrive.

This is why we have decided to formally cease regular online publishing and instead relaunch as a performance series to continue showcasing some of those brilliant, valued voices we mentioned before. It will happen on both coasts, and anywhere Potluck has a presence—perhaps even on another continent (hint hint!). More news on upcoming events soon. (Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the know!)

In the meantime, the website isn't going anywhere, and we’ll make sure it stays online for years to come so all that’s been shared with Potluck will have a cozy home in our archive.

Again, we can’t thank you enough for your support throughout these past four and a half years. It’s time for Potluck to evolve. And no matter how it shifts from here on out, it’s still about you—our readers and contributors. We hope you stick with us as we continue to offer this creative platform in its newest iteration. We want to keep learning, and we want to remain honest with ourselves, loyal to the work we do, and engaged with you, our Potluck family.

Get ready for the next course!


With love,
John, Leah, Melissa, and Nate
August 7, 2018