Your Dream Body In Just / by Maura Hehir

how did you win your body battle tell me

my body army is a small militia
volunteers, untrained
full of good intentions but a bit dim
they don’t know what the body deserves
they’re afraid of war
ignoring forgetting about it
can’t stop thinking about it
what’s been done to
and not done too
much too much body memory that lasts the longest forever
always carrying it around
so many goddamn cells do you really need to bring so many with you everywhere
just treat it the way it’s been treated
different treatments when one doesn’t work try another
when none works
and your body is on fire
leave your body! no wait
love your body 
stop drop and roll

they don’t know that it
rips open at night
i sew it up
rips open again
i sew it lazy (i don’t know how to sew really)
seams weak
thread’s tired
bodymemory crawls out
all by itself
feral and angry and scared
on top of the fancy glass clock
no warning—






Maura Hehir is a writer and an adult Directioner. She lives in Brooklyn. You can email her if you want at maura[dot]hehir[at]