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Julie Ako "On a Train in Belize"

Anselmo Allegrio "The Shadow of My Lai"

Kaila Allison "Stuff"

Jordan Anderson "Idaho"

Craig Jordan-Baker "The Timberline"

Tyler Barton "Pissing Contest"

Brian Michael Barbeito "The Asthmatic"

Raymond Belli

Julia Berke "Sodium Vapor Lamps"

C.W. Bigelow "When Vulnerability Visited"

Rosemary Biggio "The Interloper"

Kristin Blacker "The Contradiction of Color"

William C. Blome "Samson"

Nicole Boyce "Showmance"

Edith G. Boyd

Joseph Brichto "Ceiling"

Jacob Budenz "A Theory On Lampposts"

Conor Burnett

Shane Jesse Christmass "Illusion"

Paul Christian "Keanu Reeves"

Maya Corbett "Girl's Panties"

Melissa Cronin "A Guest in Narragansett"

Philip DeVries "Blue Jays"

Matthew Dexter "The Inertia of Kindergarten"

Nyoka Eden Flash Fiction

Joe Eichner "Before"

Sam Eichner "Mona Wears Her Fangs"

Eric Eidelstein "Tedium"

Kim Fairleigh

Jared T. Fischer "Pill"

Sariel Friedman "Bird's Eye View"

James William Gardner "Wishing Wells"

Caitlyn Gilvary "How to Find Ghosts"

M. Krockmalnik Grabois "Geysers"

Sarah Grace "Ramona Might Have Blood Under Her Nails"

Theodore Hamm "My Life in Suds"

Eugene Harrogate "Animals"

Rick Hartwell "Northern California Rains"

Doug Hawley

Holly Isemonger "Reflections on Learning"

Craig Jordan-Baker "Light from Nowhere"

Reah Kelly "Brevity"

Burton Knight "Welcome Home David"

Nethanel Kohen

Luke Kokoszka "Infinite Landscape"

Sozou-Kyrkou Konstantina "The Mice"

Charlotte Lait "Wet Paint"

Michael Lane "Tripwire"

Gordon Max "Unangenehm"

Lance Manion "Mr. Peanut"

Corey Mesler "Norm"

Molly Mary O'Brien "Death Selfie"

Daryl Muranaka "A Fool is Paid in Full"

Andy Ottenweller "Stand-Up Bit"

Danielle Perry "The Precipice"

Nathaniel Kennon Perkins "Lemons"

Charlie Peters "Let's Talk About Pig Throat"

Louis Raymond "Jane" 

Steve Richardson

Anne-Marie Robinson "The Insomniac"

Steve Roggenbuck "Two Stories"

Alice Roth "All is Not Well"

J. Bear Savo "Ravenous Dumpsters"

Alexander Seedman

Alan Semrow "Closets"

Paul Shepard "The Toad and the Bird"

James Stark "The Actress"

John Surico "From: Dmitry, With: Love"

Alan Swyer "Schecterman"

Kaj Tanaka "Sunrise, Sunset"

Todd Tavolazzi 

Ron Tu "An Ode to Calvino & Paradise"

Shaun Turner "A Deep Plane Facelift"

Matthew Vasiliauskas "The Business of Boxes"

Meneese Wall "Make That An Irish Coffee"

Stella Cabot-Wilson "The Tale of the Popo Agie"

Oliver Zarandi

Brendon Zatirka "Tantalized"

Victoria Zelvin "The Things We Put Off"