jadafeel by Chuck Young

Ja Definitely Feel’s OpeningTrack


Finished shaving my chest, now relaxin’ in the tub

with Infinite Jest, that’s right, I’m reading DFDubs.

Making sailboats out of footnotes and sippin’ on some suds.

The P.G.O.A.T & me, you know I’m lightin’ candles, son.

Retire to the boudoir to fire up the dubois

I keep in my armoire for when there’s leftover foie gras.

Up to my dad-dick in debt.

Privileged white kid turned parent.

Haven’t lived within my means yet.

America! Represent!

My name is Ja Definitely feel

I’m a middle class rapper.

Is this a rap on paper? You know the deal.

At the very least, it’s my first chapter.

Reading karaoke in kerouac bars.

‘Baby, you’re a firework.’ Sal Paradise said

To Dean Moriarty - to die was an art.

Baby, it’s time to twerk because art is dead.

The only liquors for me are the malt ones,

the ones who are Old English, Private Stock, Colt 45,

contained in 40oz bottles, the ones that pour out on stoops for the dead,

and brass, brass, brass monkey like fabulous luminaries

guiding you back home to your youth.

Getting my master’s degree in The Struggle.

Sponsor a dad today with hugs, y’all.

Put up a craigslist ad for a singer who is also an amateur foodie, yo.

So I can figure out the hook when we eatin’ in the studio.

I got a KVonne doodle graveyard tattooed on my arm.

“Somebody [Sometime to Sometime] He Tried”

“Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt”

I imagine it’s me frenched into the fucking dirt

“Life is no way to treat an animal”

“So it goes” branded; so it’s tangible.

Me, Kilgore Trout, and Billy P

I’m spastic in time; a photographic memory.

It’s hard out here for a dad

With a lot of living behind his back.

Ja Definitely Feel finishing up the first track on his debut album, B.

I Don’t Want To Be Rich And Famous; I Just Want To Be Out of Debt and Happy.