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What are we looking for?

We seek any and all types of submissions—poetry, prose, criticism, nonfiction, visual art, short films, songs, photographs. If it’s submittable, submit it!

Note: We are currently accepting online submissions only. We have no immediate plans for another print edition of Potluck.

How do you submit?

When you are ready to submit, email us directly at We don’t want to restrict what and how much you can submit, but here are some helpful guidelines:

  • For poetry, three to five poems (totaling no more than 8 pages)
  • For fiction, nonfiction, essays, and so on, up to 3000 words
  • For multimedia, up to twelve minutes
  • For visual art, up to twenty images

Please attach your submission as one PDF or Word .doc or .docx, with the title in this format: Genre: Full Name, Date, and put this as your email subject line as well. Please do not send us multiple emails when submitting multiple pieces (help us keep our inbox organized!).

Simultaneous submissions are gladly accepted, just notify us if your work has been accepted elsewhere!

And finally, in your email, please include a short bio (1-2 sentences), as well as any links you'd like to include (Twitter, your personal website, etc.). Self-promotion is only shameless if you think it's shameless.

What happens next?

We care about your contributions, and we promise to respond to your emails as promptly as possible (but hey, we all have day jobs). One of our main tenets is that no good work should remain unpublished. With that being said, a workshop may be necessary under the editors’ discretion in order to polish up your piece before we show it to the Internet. We will contact you once your submission has been accepted to work out the details.


Artists' Rights

Your Work will always be yours.

Publishing Terms and Conditions

You, the Artist, will retain copyright in your Work. In agreeing to these terms, you grant Potluck Mag, the Publisher (Us!), permission to publish your Work on Potluck Mag, the website ( You extend your rights across the world, seeing as the Internet is worldwide.

You are free to publish and sell your own Work however you’d like. If you want to publish your Work in a collection or independently, we request that you credit Potluck Mag with original publication (i.e. "Intermediately" by Leah Clancy, originally published on Potluck Mag). Let us know of this occurrence so we can further promote your work.

We may ask to include your Work in a print edition that we publish at our own discretion. In that case, we will contact you to secure the rights to publish your printed Work in addition to original digital publication.


• MANUSCRIPT and EDITING. Your Work may or may not be edited prior to publication; if edited, in a way that the Editors deem to be substance-altering, it will be sent to you for prompt review and return. If it is a minimal amount of editing, the Editors reserve the right to publish the Work without review from the Artist.

• DISPLAY, DESIGN, SALES, and PUBLICATION. You agree to let Potluck Mag  make decisions about the display, formatting, and promotion of your Work. We also retain your permission to use your name (or pseudonym) and your Work for marketing and advertising directed toward publicizing the Work and Potluck Mag.

PAYMENT: Potluck Mag isn’t currently able to pay you, the Artist, in exchange for the publication of your Work, though we reserve the right to offer financial or in-kind compensation at our discretion. If we are able to offer financial compensation to you for the publication rights to your Work, we’ll work out those details in the future, and that agreement will be considered an extension of this agreement.

WRITER'S REPRESENTATIONS: You represent and warrant that you, the Artist, are the sole owner of the rights granted and that the material does not infringe upon the copyright or licensing rights of anyone. NO PLAGIARIZING. You agree to indemnify Potluck Mag for any loss, injury, or damages resulting from a breach of these warranties.

A big ol' thanks to New PagesRevolver, and Poets & Writers for help on this topic.

Okay, now that's over...

Welcome to Potluck.