Pull Up A Seat

Potluck Mag is a space to present a diverse and resonant collection of creative media, narrowing the gaps between different forms of art, ideas, and people. In seeking to create a community of artists, writers, and friends, Potluck Mag shares individual pieces to bring larger ideas of identity and culture to the table. We believe that if we are not actively pushing to promote the underrepresented, then we are passively working against them. Here at Potluck, we strive to serve and promote writers and artists whose voices might otherwise go unheard.

Your Hosts

Nate Cabral 
Poetry Editor. Co-founder.

Melissa Cronin 
Prose Editor. Co-founder.

Leah Clancy
Poetry Editor, Multimedia Coordinator. Co-founder.

John Surico 
Prose Editorial Director. Co-founder.


Max Schieble - Illustrator. Co-founder.
Alexander Seedman -  Editor Emeritus. Co-founder.

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