The printcarnation of Potluck

In February of 2014, a few friends got together to launch Potluck Mag. a site that exists as "a journal of diverse and resonant media, narrowing gaps between forms of art, ideas and people." 

Since that day, we've promised to give you original content, not hashtag fodder—and we have, publishing over two hundred works of writers, artists, videographers, musicians, and overall awesome people from all over the world, ranging different genres and art forms. 

Now, nearly a year later, we've seen such an incredible array of work that we've decided it's finally time to make the big jump from online to offline. Yes, that is correct: we're making a magazine. And, after October's fundraising efforts, we've garnered more than enough money to do so.

In other words: PRINT IS ALIVE!

Potluck Mag will showcase some of our most popular pieces from the site, editors' favorites, and previously unseen work from contributors, all in glossy, lovely print. That said, to help make this magazine a reality, we're looking for contributions. If you'd like to have a piece reviewed for our print version, shoot us an email at

We look forward to hearing from you! And yes, once again: we are making a magazine.