Poems for Driving Away Satan / by Nate Cabral

by Jesús Carmona-Robles

Translated by Tive Martínez





he said there's something wrong with me

she said today is so cold

he said we'd better not travel together

she said nobody ever gonna have your eyes

he said my father's dying tomorrow

she said we were rough fuckers

he said i have some money at home

she said let's meet at the graveyard if it snows tomorrow

he said i know i look so scared and it's true

she said Mexico is a funny place

he said take my hand cause the ground's gonna sink

she said i wore this dress for you

he said my friends read your poems

and took two more steps backwards

she said punch my face

whenever i say ME

he said the airplane was covered of blood in my dream and i couldn't find you

she said he nailed me so hard

i felt like dying

he said i don't like the way you cry

she said moi je t'offrirai des perles de pluie

he said let's go dancing

she said my parents don't wanna see you

he said it's been nine days without sunlight

she said let's marry

he said we need to get drunk soon to make love

she said then i received your text message

and he became so aggressive

he said Satan is the man with a burned face

and he wears a blue suit

she said i love you because you understand the blood

he said i am a virgin and that's why i cum so quickly

she said sorry for telling you all this

he said i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you

she said i don't eat meat

he said my niece wants to know you

she said your penis is huge

he said the night stopped being purple and became black

she said i'm gonna give you my dearest thing

he said nire iraganeko bizitzan

euskaren madarikatu bat izan dut

she said smoke as much as you want

he said i'm gonna miss the flavor of your nipples

she said i wanna have a child

he said the poem is the poem is the poem

she said the virus base is up-to-date

he said you must go to the gynecologist

she said please don't hurt me

he said my friends will never forgive you

she said i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you

he said i've never touched such a soft and sacred hand

she said i'm sleepy

he said i'll be the sun

and i'll be the rain if the sun doesn't light your path

she said just shut up i love you shut up

he said and i'll find another way for you to understand

you are okay

even if the rain doesn't wash away your sorrows

she said i'm not gonna fade

he said this is too much

she said hope you'll never feel the need to kill yourself again

he said i'm gonna break your heart

she said i didn't love him anymore

he said please don't you marry

she said call me when you arrive to your hometown

he said i've never ever felt such a rage

she said so this is what i'm supposed to tell

when people ask me why

he said i'm gonna fall in love with you

she said i don't believe i'm in Mexico

and have only taken six bottles of beer

he said if it goes all wrong i'll cut out to Alaska

to die among the polar bears

she said it's not that bad actually

he said ok

she said it's time to die

he said fuckin' ayahuasca is to be blamed

she said i read all these poems that you write

he said thanks for dancing with me

she said i am rotten

he said our blue mansion

she said marry me

and then get divorced

and then we'll marry again

he said Mexico sucks

she said whatabitch

he said all

            all is said






I talk to the women I believed to be in love with

in a moment of vagueness

with one other longing I tell them

lies were white loving elusive

as the night's first smile

which is warm and purple only for a moment

look at her she's the woman I love the extended time

the eternal and invisible watch hand

I want to tell them how I learnt

the appetite for killing from your love

those who acted as an artifice

in the steamy days of your childhood


There's a knife I handle

all of them must know there's a knife

I receive it in my chest thinking my body

as a lie now and forever

my father saw me crying

and he wrapped my heart in his hands

he is my father behold the way he cries

the way he loses his breath

consider him while I locate in my memory

the laughter of this woman I'm loving

her neck hidden in my father's neck

how I smile I hold the knife and he runs

he runs as I run to love an island surrounded by voices

and clockworks a defeated and conquered island

locate my father see my fear in his fear

the fear I turn into a beast


Know in addition that the waiting room is full

nobody can enter please wait outside

I know it's cold outside but there's too many people

not a soul would fit please leave out

I'm taking up five seats

I'm lying all my body down

I am the waiting room I smell like medicine

and my coffee tastes so bad wait in me

inhabit me as the cancer arrives

play in my floor tiles full of footsteps and chlorine

for years now the woman I love is kissing

the disease I invented myself

when I was spore and fungus before being me now

when I could barely move

I know the disease she kisses

but I can't talk

please raise your voice tell her about the night

I almost died I almost disappeared

I mean right now you that inhabit me

as God inhabits dead bodies right now

grab her from her short hair

grab her from her white wrists bite her lips

explain to her how love and hate are braided

in the sharpest end of my soul

and they force me to do big stupid wonderful things.






namaste may your light be unrotten

plenty of food in your pantry namaste

nothing to bring you sorrow

you're also the smell of mouths you didn't kiss namaste

the cricket that keeps the beat namaste

of your sobbing at night

you're the lie in the namaste of your friend

who swears not to dope again

but you're at his side searching for the thickest vein

masturbating statues

you're also the smell of orange trees namaste

one woman steps on your face

she spreads oil and honey on her breasts namaste

you like this don't you you do

namaste you're built by your daily writing

in front of your parents

you're an eco-friendly little house

namaste but you're expensive

however there won't be storm tornado conflagration namaste

to reduce you to what you are

rubble uneven ground step-on land

by those who cannot lie

by those who cannot say namaste

i took out my clothes namaste this is my silver light

this is my scream and my riches namaste

this body belongs to my hands only

when i'm alone

feed yourself from my soft flesh namaste lick this honey

which ignites me

it tastes like vanilla and thunder namaste open your mouth

it tastes like this lightnigh bolt which is my solitude

namaste don't you see there are no questions worth asking

who cares

how was my first namaste my father's job

how was my first failed meeting

with drugs don't you see that questions are like kites

in an electrical storm

namaste just dry my body switch on the tv

play some music call for a taxi

don't you see the sunrise

and the world that gives us another chance

7754 chances already given by grandfather sun

namaste grandpa sun thanks for having faith in me

don't touch it i'm gonna sleep you can leave if you want to




Jesús Carmona-Robles was born in Chihuahua, México in 1992. He is the author of two poetry books: TOS (CONACULTA 2013) and Poemas para ahuyentar a Satán (El Gaviero Editores 2015). Along with Luna Miguel and Adrian Martínez, he edited the anthology "Pasarás de moda: 35 poetas jóvenes en español" (Montea 2015) which is a selection of the most representative works of Hispanic American young poets. His translations of Tao Lin, Robin Myers, Lyn Coffin, Ahmed Shamlou, and others have been published in several magazines in Mexico and South America.


Tive Martínez was born and currently lives in Spain. Their poems and new poetry translations have been published online in La Tribu de Frida, PlayGround, Electric Cereal, and in fanzines like B/Polar.