India by Leah Clancy

The forests
are here
and the tiger carries the monkey
as if it were her child
but with more force

flush with water
once started
the foot-long flowers
can open fully
in less than a minute

The world’s smallest primate
is no bigger than your hand

The nectar starts to flow 
Vines spiral in case their roots
shift and their lengths 
need to expand


Deep Forest by Leah Clancy


The most extensive organism
carnivorous, deciduous
This is the first place in the world
where trees can grow
if you’re starting at the top
and heading down

Circling the globe
is a big ring
of green oxygen

And if a flake of snow catches
the light in right way
you can see signs of life
from space

Some animals, like spirits,
glimpse each other once, 
and keep moving

Hunting and praying
apply resin to the site
of the wound

Running though pinecones,
looking through file cabinets

A caribou raises its white arm
signaling a white defeat

Mirror images fight and bump
and sheer and freezing frustration

The injured loser
may not survive


Such a giant green group
gathers together
as the camera pans out

Rest me beneath
a giant redwood
and roll me in 
with the fog from the sea

My growing time lasts half a year
my growing time
long live, my living
lifeless or not



Raise the mountains, raze the trees
birds eggs, or squirrels’ eyes
and babies busy with nothing
families chirp for help 
as a thief traipses on

There is a definite number
of mice captured by owls
and no one will ever know
its full sum

First stage of flight
and the ground is no place

General Sherman is as heavy 
as ten blue whales
You would be too
if you were the oldest living thing on earth

Great white guards 
watch miniatures, creatures
feed them, shield them
some infants
hardly bigger than kittens

Thin antlers, good dads
Moths hatch 
at the last of the summer

In the deciduous transformations
we’ll never be
in the same, dream-like state
which is sad;
the world is round but uneven

The hungriest leaf-eaters
get eaten
and so on

Paradise, the area
of no information

Now here is a big leap




But what’s the worse—
all of the cicadas
could disappear

We never will grow 
wings, but we have
further than dawn
to complete the change

Go for it Got for it
gorge yourselves
just this once 
in your lifetime

Every 17 years 
what is the purpose
fertilizer and fornication 
not necessarily 
in that order
in the Northern Hemisphere
primordial thrashing 
and they’re standing apart
and they’re starting their rut

There is a doe
and the male mounts her

I didn’t know this
but the rarest cats on earth
are living in Russia

Cue the time lapse from the frozen
there’s a flash in forward motion
into the biggest time
of the ground leaves

Fern leaves unfurl like
the oceanic
the octopus
the tentacles
driving small fish 
and other creatures
closer to shore

The earth’s whole face
can start blushing
and changing color

Jungle by Leah Clancy

I know what you’re thinking
but let’s try to keep things
in balance

within fig trees
and bright eyes
beyond and before
spark inspection 

She turns her head
She turned her head

They know when
you’re a goner
the elders
they’ll need to carry the youngers 
to a faraway point
it’s for the Greater Good

climbing up
without thinking
she flits
and turns her head

some things
have thumbs
and others
do not need them

A great old guy falls
and all the trumpet plants
dance at its funeral

set it all
in search for the figs
in the little tree

She does her best 
for thorough examination

The young are 
counting on this are
like a tree frog
leaping in slow motion

Deep Oceans by Leah Clancy

Cruising to the surface waters
feeding grounds blanketed 
by global shadows
of passing clouds

whirlpools, water spouts
and all must be wary
such events
do not last long
and the giant slinks away

Manta rays 
always searching 
with little effort

Do those sucker fish
ever annoy you?
Like pilots, and gliding along
their home is an 
ever-moving thing,
a larger size
of their kind

Where is
the weakened fish


Shallow Sea by Leah Clancy

Diving is how
you’ll make something
of your life

Like some sort of sun flower, 
reach in all directions
until you find
another death

food comes and goes
and so do you
(you are food)

Imagine the weight
with which
you throw your body 
in the water

The wind churns 
and gasps at the water
as much as it can

tentacles are near,
open, waiting

Should the color fade,
I’ll take what’s left
and feed it to the younger

On the surface 
of the world,
that something—
it’s listening 
to the fin slapping

in what
of direction


Leah Clancy just moved to Los Angeles like everyone else. She still remains unrelated to Tom Clancy.