Four Poems by Samuel Rowe


Water-Lilies by Claude Monet 


beyond the frame is 

a bird 

exploding so 

the pond is 



in bird. that is 

drenched by 

the first Spring Phoenix 


fire feathers 


shivering on 


the pond surface 

wet fire feathers 

Spring Phoenix 

born from ash 

stolen from swollen 

fire grates and 

invocated in 


sweet lullaby by 

the Sunrise King 


whose coronation 

takes place in 


pond burnt crimson and 

pond stroked violet and 


in dawn dew and 

in dusk dew and 


Sunrise King sings 

feather glimmer onto 

the pond sings 

a mood of 


violence sings 

bird onto the pond.




Still Life with Plaster Cupid by Paul Cézanne 


framed in the tub yr 

deft frame spitting 

sexy droplets and 


draw me like yr French girls 

you said head in 

the bowl trying to tell 


blood from tomato and 

as you thrust a 

banana aloft in my 


face I thought here 

a spear trapped in fibre could 

 that be translated? whilst 


 you slipped back into the 

bath grasping 

overripe pears to 


shoot pears at the canvas pears 

rapidly growing then 

dismantled almost 


traceless but for 

brief percussion dialogue between 

canvas and pear then 



my paintbrush 

clamped in yr pearl drops 



Light House


Samuel Rowe is a student and poet from Brighton, UK, studying in New Orleans. He coedits the Killer Whale Journal.