Sloth Goth by Oscar Bruno d'Artois

if i send you a pic of this sunset

dyou think you cld have

a profound experience of it for me?


sitting down to a full meal feels like

sitting down to a long term relationship


its not that i dont want to form a suicide pact w/ u its just that

do i have to get out of bed


if i had a vagina

i wld use it to

hide my head in



cud u plz stop

aliving at me like that ?!!


yr getting btw me & my screens

& i am trying to make love to my screens


we're gonna give birth to

a capsule of empty



wanna escape

the space time continuum



ok, but who do i have to have to [wtv] to get an artist's residency

where they pay me to livetweet

moving to the moon



i AM a sloth



can i borrow yr accomplishments plz

or at least yr drugz


o well

guess i can always just

casually slip back into a crevice of unliving for another year


all im saying is

if u hear abt any secret uncharted islands

where i dont kno the ppl yet &

they dont kno bout me







Oscar Bruno d'Artois used to have a job selling meatpies. His avant-garde mixed media projects have been published in places. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.