Three Poems by JW Mark



Then love became of plastic bags
            of crackers, notes and turkey.
            Our stock of sweets to shelves assigned
            Whim grocery stock reserved.

            Haphazard dreams cube caramels
            Each hope and want to stock and hoard.
            I keep our mound from waylaid worlds-
            shelled dreams of what could be

            Intentioned vows: my jellied stash
            so sweet, so cold, red precious set
            protected there behind the glass:
            Forever on preserve. 





Sunday Outing


Crave Starlight Crushed pink lemonade
           I ask for apple drink.
           Love kumquat freeze, sweet flavor pooled.
           It Sunday so you buy me one.

           Behave myself. I should not speak.
           I hope. I pray. dry powder beg
           I drown the boy indifferent, lost
           familiar form: sweet Sunday slush.

           You drape my brain, with powder chill
           please grace me more, I pray for this
           To sweeter needs, create for me
           delicious days with Dad engaged.





Skin Symbols


In shadow lace, uncertain hide
Detachment my performance sought:
           Digestive dearth, symphonic lurch.
           Each stomach pang with twist-turn pull
           delivers me to magic states
           Starvation is delicious. On

           Majestic squirm: her progress pure
           New painful twinge, new wanton need
           My body stings and speaks to me.

           I someday hope
           I someday find
           a common cast of hollow men,
           like-mind by our pallid stares,
           our wrinkled flesh, I’ll know my crew

           Team human plight, consider me
           emaciate companion drained:
           Approve me as your member?





JW Mark is a poet living in Stow, Ohio. Publications to include his work include The Ampersand Review, Eunoia Review, TheMidwest Literary Magazine, flashquake, and The North Chicago Review. He is the author of a novel, entitled Artifice, as well as a book of
poems entitled
Patched Collective.