Two Poems by Dalton Day



I was on a train
& an orchard was passing
by the windows

all those apples

I hope they were apples
because memory
is so very important to me

I thought about leaping
from the train

towards the branches

like an idiot
like a person who wishes
they were a dog

chasing the sun

I hope I become a dog
or a sun

or a blurry moment
next to a window

I should have leapt
or else continued to sit
where I never even started.







She breaks open the accordion and crawls inside. The inside smells like treehouse schematics. Things that could have been simple. Each step she takes is a circus. Each step she takes is a child bleeding neon in the street. She can still be happy here. If she were to speak, it wouldn’t sound like herself. It would sound like a bird who has spent its entire life trying to become human, only so it can understand what the fuss is about. 






Dalton Day is scared & an editor for FreezeRay Poetry. His poems have appeared in Heavy Feather Review, The Good Men Project, and Hypothetical, among others. He thinks you’re cute.