Two Poems by Dave Gregg

What Librarians Read

One wonders what
opus grand the
lovely siren at
the counter reads
which word she
turns in her mind
what page touched
I only wish
to be her book
for a day always
read and never returned





Poets’ Afternoon

in the still chaos of fertile afternoon
words resist my invite letters refuse
to appear no consonants to be sired
or syllables stirred all poetic dreams
have quite soundly been deferred but
I own this gift and it shall return so
in the interim perhaps a drink or two
while over in the corner quite curiously
I notice the dog scribbling quite furiously





Dave Gregg is pushing near sixty with a distinct lack of enthusiasm. He has written and published poetry for over four decades and is currently located in the Great Midwest pursuing life with zeal and chasing the Great Poets.