FOUR: Work by Marina Weisburg / by Marina Weisburg


Margaret Tickle

Margaret told me not to laugh when she told me her middle name. She used to wear a white down-jacket zipped all the way to the top everyday because her mom wasn’t ready to accept that she needed a real bra. When her mom, a writer, finally took her bra shopping, she wrote a short story about it. She called the story “iPex,” after the make and model of Margaret’s first bra.  Her mom submitted it to a local publication that was widely circulated around the neighborhood. Margaret continued to wear her white zipped up down-jacket. Margaret loved wearing clogs, she loved blueberry smoothies, and she was the clumsiest person I’d ever met. All of these factors considered, she often had a blueberry smoothie covered white-down jacket. Margaret Tickle  will always be a twelve-year-old girl wearing a too technologically advanced bra.