DAY FIVE: Six Self Portraits / by Rebecca Ann Jordan


after the apocalypse

we’ll catch the ice between our toes
and slip

lip to lip, try to hold me
try to make my body contain
what it’s always contained

through midwinter hunches
that old hack and cackle
howling at the moon by habit now
it’s in darker weather the witch
comes to inhabit, starting at the marrow

but what you’re looking for
is thaw and whittle
down to the barest essentials of human
the bare(d) skin/teeth trained to smile

i am devouring for the extra inch of fat to burn
the hunker and draw
telling fortune: now let me say
what it is i dream
when snow muffles the escape

Rebecca Ann Jordan is a speculative fiction author, artist, and editor. Her stories and poems have been published inStrange HorizonsFlapperhouseFiction VortexStrangelet, and more. In 2015 Becca participated in the Clarion Writer’s Workshop and holds an MFA from California Institute of the Arts in 2016. While Becca first sprung from the earth near the San Diego area, she now sells weird and wonderful books in the mountain town of Durango, Colorado. See more at or follow her @beccaquibbles.