Day One: Cancer Season / by Jo Barchi

Obviously crying
Deciding to move halfway across the country
Since when does running away not work
Working midnight to eight am
Feet bloodied
No plans but thai food,
Driving up and down the same streets over and over and over and over
Never finding parking
I’m never driving
I don’t even know how
Sorry i missed your birthday party
I was trying to figure out
Where to move and i was so scared
Walking down Englewood, crossing at Prospect, continue down Englewood, turning right onto
School, continuing down School, taking a left down the path, walking down the path
The right song playing, the blackstone river, the sun coming up.
Post fourth of july facetime when he talks to me about how he just threw up so much
Finally telling him about chicago
He doesn’t mention the other he
We are all fine
Therapist’s permission
Plane ticket
Cousins continue to support and love
Cashing in bonds
Saying goodbye to therapist
Getting a tattoo with mom
Running away from every problem
Solving all of them


Jo Barchi is a writer from Rhode Island. They currently live in Chicago where they work in an ice cream shop. They are an editor at Ghost City Press. Their work has appeared in Shabby Dollhouse, and elsewhere.