DAY TWO: Poems by Andrew Brenza / by Andrew Brenza


a frigate's spiral ascension into...
call it work call it shaken call it please

and oh god who cares all that half-brain asleep between wulst and worsted signals
it's day down here

or radios in the johnsonian sense
to be asleep and flying

sometimes for years
it means that it means

and we on our helixed way...
call it shirk call it waken call it whatever oh god please

Andrew Brenza is the author of three chapbooks, 21 Skies (Shirt Pocket Press, 2015), And Then (forthcoming from Grey Book Press), and 8 Skies (forthcoming from Beard of Bees Press). His first full-length collection, Gossamer Lid, was recently published by Trembling Pillow Press.