DAY ONE: Featured Work by Bud Smith / by Bud Smith


I know a rabid animal that is in love with me
it’s simple how to love back, just be rabid too
sometimes we discover a table on the street
and sip as the sun pinballs down the buildings
we could still be there in a hundred years
and the table may still be wobbly, the air conditioner
still rattling above the trash cans
I got bitten by you and I don’t care, I didn't see a doctor
we went and got hamburgers; we saw a dying man
sing on a stage to a bunch of dying people
but I was alive and so I bit you back
and here you are, foaming at your happy mouth
and cheers to you, cheers to me, wash the pain of life
away with this cold cold glass, if we kiss hard enough
to chip a tooth, believe it will be medicine. 


Bud Smith's books are I'm From Electric Peak, F250, Calm Face, Everything Neon, and others. His writing has been at Hobart, Smokelong, The Rumpus and Wigleaf. He runs Unknown Press, works heavy construction, and lives in Jersey City, NJ.