Stolen / by Aarnav Chitari

Chapter 1

It was 1963, a time of storms and huge natural disasters. Sicore, a young 12 year-old had just made his breakfast. He sat down on his broken chair and put down his cracked cereal bowl on a three legged wooden table. Most of his house was destroyed by a severe hurricane.  He was lucky to still have a house though. Most people’s houses had been destroyed completely. Like his friend Rekter. He lost his parents and now lives with his younger sister Crizma. They lived in a camp for people whose houses have been destroyed. Sicore always felt bad for them and occasionally called them to his house to stay for a few nights. Tomorrow they have planned to go to a famous company that builds rockets. The company was called ARGO. Sicore finished his breakfast and left the table to wash his bowl. Suddenly, a huge wind blew. Leaves started swirling and a big tornado formed. Sicore’s house blew away and Sicore fell to the ground hard. Very quickly, big men dressed in army uniforms came. They got hold of Sicore and thaw him into a large truck. The truck drove 120 mph. When it stopped, the rear door opened and Sicore rolled out. He coughed a little and slowly got up. He looked around him and saw a huge sign above him. It said “Camp for the Homeless”. He was in the camp where Rekter lived! Suddenly, Rekter ran up to Sicore and hugged him. It was a very long hug. Finally, when Sicore could breathe again, Crizma came over. She just waived. She had list her voice permanently because she screamed so much when her house was being destroyed.

“Hi Rekter, Hi Crizma” said Sicore. “Today I was thinking about going to ARGO."

“Oh about that” said Rekter “ARGO was destroyed yesterday, but there is a hurricane proof bus that leaves in 20 minutes. We could go see the ruins.”

“Sure” said Sicore.

Twenty minutes later a large, silver metal bus arrived at the camp. A person who didn’t look human stepped out of the bus. He wore large blue shades and a captain’s hat. His craggy shirt had torn sleeves, his fading jeans looked almost normal. He looked down at Rekter.

“Well, give me the seven bucks," said the bus driver, annoyed. Rekter looked in his pockets. “I only have three," he said.

The bus driver groaned. “Too bad for you, NEXT!” Sicore looked in his pockets. He pulled out four dollars.

“I’ve got four bucks!” he told Rekter.

“Great! That means we have got seven dollars!” said Rekter.

Sicore and Rekter gave the driver his money. “Get on you slow pokes!” he said. Sicore, Rekter, and Crizma all got on the bus.  No one else seemed to want to get on to the bus, so the driver took off. He started the bus but thirty seconds later, he stopped. Rekter looked out the window. “But this isn’t ARGO” he said.

“Too bad, I’m not going any further” the driver shouted.

Sicore and Rekter dragged themselves out of the bus. Crizma followed. She didn’t seem that sad. Sicore, Rekter, and Crizma started walking. Fifteen minutes into the walk, the ground beneath them began to shake. The ground started to crack, and a hole formed beneath them.

Chapter 2

“Cough! Cough!”  Sicore, Rekter, and Crizma got up.

“What happened?” asked Sicore.

“How would I know?” exclaimed Rekter. They got up and looked around. They were on a basketball court, and they couldn’t even see the hoops.  The court was never ending. Suddenly, a small hut appeared. Rekter went inside to ask for help. Sicore and Crizma followed. They saw a ten foot man cooking elephant legs.

“Excuse me?”

“Chomp! Chomp! Oh you are here already?” asked the ten foot man.

“I’m sorry?” said Rekter. “You weren’t supposed to come until noon!” said the ten foot man. “Say what now?” asked Sicore.

“I sent you here,” said the ten foot man.

“Ok, let me get this straight, you wanted us to come here?” asked Rekter.

“Yes, Yes. I sent my number 1 assistant to get you. Quite a grumpy fella isn’t he?” said the ten foot man.

“Why did you send us here?” asked Rekter. “To get the pearl” said the ten foot man.

“The pearl, seriously? Is this some kind of joke?” said Sicore. ‘Oh you like jokes? I have got a good one! What do you call a --- “said the ten foot man. “Ok, let’s not go there” interrupted Sicore. “What exactly do you mean by, the pearl?” asked Sicore. “Well, you’ve noticed all of the huge natural disasters right?” asked the ten foot man. “Umm, yeah!” said Sicore. “Do you know why they are happening?” asked the ten foot man.  “Umm, no!” said Rekter.” They are happening because, a three headed sea monster stole a pearl from Mount Revtana. That pearl is what keep the world safe” said the ten foot man. “Well why did you send us here?” asked Rekter. “Because you have a special power, and if you succeed this mission, not only will you save the world, but you will unleash your power.”

Chapter 3

“Where is the pearl?” asked Rekter.

“It’s in a place called The Deadly Trench” said the ten foot man.

“How do we get there?” asked Sicore. “Easy! Just go through this portal!” The ten foot man pulled a lever and a large bluish greenish hexagon appeared Crizma got excited. Very quickly, she jumped into the portal. The ten foot man yelled “Nooo!” He yelled because it was dangerous for a young child to go to The Deadly Trench alone. Even for a few seconds. “You better get in there or the sea monster will get dinner early”. Sicore and Rekter jumped into the portal. When they landed, Sicore and Rekter knew they were in The Deadly Trench. There were huge boulders and rocks everywhere. There were large water falls of crystal clear water falling everywhere. Sicore heard a small screech. It was the monster holding Crizma. For some reason, each head was wearing a name tag.

The first one said “Hello! My name is Dare!” The middle one said “Hello! My name is Dracha!”. The last one said “Hello! My name is Dedvil!” Suddenly, Dracha threw Crizma up and all three heads opened their mouths. Just as Crizma was about to fall into Dedvils drooling, smelly mouth, Rekter jumped to save her. Rekter knew that it wouldn’t make a difference but just then Rekter realized he was flying. Rekter pushed Crizma out of the way just in time. Not too long after that, the sea monster went after Sicore. Sicore just stood there and stared. He felt hopeless.

Chapter 4

But instantly a giant shining silver sword appeared in Sicore’s hand. Sicore swung his sword and cut a gash in Dare’s head. This made Dare go bonkers. He started running around and crashing into rocks. Soon, Dare’s face was filled with bruises. His head started to rot and it fell off. Now only Dracha and Dedvil were left. Rekter started flying. He zoomed past Dracha and punched Dedvil in the nose. Dedvil and Dracha fell to the ground. Just as Dedvil was about to get up, Rekter punched him back to the ground. Dedvil’s head started to rot and it fell off. Dracha was the last head left. He charged at Rekter, but Rekter dodged him. Next, Dracha charged at Sicore. Sicore got scared. He waited for his sword to appear, but it didn’t. Dracha was just about to prick Sicore with his tooth but Crizma pushed Sicore out of the way just in time. Crizma started to look angry. She ran towards Dracha. She started running faster and faster until she was zooming everywhere. She ran in circles around Dracha until he became very dizzy. Dracha fell down and his head started to rot. Of course, it fell off too. And the pearl came out!

“Yeaa!” Instantly they were shot back to the small hut.

“Great job!” said the ten foot man. “The people of the world are waiting for you.”

The ten foot man pressed a button and a portal appeared. Sicore, Rekter, and Crizma jumped into the portal. “Woohoo!” Sicore, Rekter and Crizma heard people cheering.

“That adventure was awesome!” said Rekter.

“Yeah!” said Sicore.

“But this isn’t the only one” they both shouted.


The End

Aarnav Chitari is a 9 years old at Spicewood Elementary in Austin, Texas.