Splitsville / by Astronomers & Breakers


"Walls" by Astronomers
After a 2 year break from writing music together, "Walls" proves that Astronomers are still on the same musical page. Lyrically, the song expresses the desire for safety from emotional struggle and the lessons learned through both love and loss. "Walls" has become one of the band's favorite songs to perform live.

"Snooze" by Breakers
Dating back to a January 2011 email from bassist Alex Politis to guitarist/vocalist Lucas Brown, the bones of "Snooze" were laid out long before Breakers were even a thought. Going through multiple incarnations, names, and lyrical subject matter, the track was finally rounded out by the slick chops of drummer Vicente Arroyo and the lightning-in-a-bottle licks of lead shredder Vince Tarrance. "Snooze" is the unofficial prequel to Starland Vocal Band's 1976 smash hit "Afternoon Delight."

Artwork: Cosmic Stare, 2015, Thomas Dean 

Thomas Dean is a Crozet, Virginia silk-screen printer, graphic designer, and musician.  He likes thrift shops, records, Xerox, Photoshop, and Jack Kirby.