Three Poems / by Shy Watson


can i sit on your chest while i write this instead

these aren’t about my boyfriend

but about some instances

that i deemed



secrets that aren’t worth keeping

she read me my tarot 

and i am only

two cards away






tuesday (or: i felt a little evil)

on days off i feel nervous

not sure what to do 

but knowing

that i have to


a cloud surrounds me

and i almost used the word “noxious”

but i didn’t


tired and clammy

from trying to

do something with my body


from reading words that were not my own and being touched by them


i took a picture of a poem 

by ariana reines

and texted it to you


the focus

was the part where she mentions

how she and her lover

slapped each other in the face


because we did that

but i purposely left in

how he claims to 

“feel like the girl” 

and says that he means








the sight of our miis cuddling

arouses in me

a strange sense of pleasure


it feels good to be

on my phone


the way

your mii holds my mii

the way

our miis gaze at the stars


i want your mii to answer my mii’s questions

i want

to hang out in your room


i answer all of my questions 

with answers that you’d like to hear


other people heart my mii’s answers 

but they don’t know





shy watson is a poet and waitress living in kcmo. she is the author of AWAY STATUS (bottlecap press 2016). her work appears in places like Hobart, Electric Cereal, and ENTROPY, and a full list of her publications can be found at