Two Poems / by Rachelle Toarmino


starting now I am going to try
to become the average of every conversation

a friend tells me
that purple isn’t a real color
that it’s just our brains unable to decide
if what we’re seeing is red or blue

I would like to become
the concept of purple, that is,
I want to become the composite
of other things that your brain
tricks your eyes into seeing

I want to build dreams
with both my hands

and I want to get up
in my purple body
with my palette of people

and ask the sky questions
even though it’s far too tall to hear

like are all colors ghosts
and is there more between us than sound

and it will send the wind as an answer

you can just tell







metallic gel pen the color of the ocean

ocean as its own dimension
space time ocean

a current, a unit of measurement
an ocean away

an hour

liquid space

if the sky could reflect the ocean
the way the ocean reflects the sky





Rachelle Toarmino (b.1990) lives in Buffalo, NY. Her writing has appeared in Metatron, Alien She Zine and PressBoardPress. She tweets @rchlltrmn.