Krunchy #1 & Basement DC: Two EPs / by Airhead DC

swimming because there's no bridge over the moat
rolling like hills just like hills I'm on my way
I follow hills to the peace that I want
i'm a pilgrim i don't mean any harm

i've just found out what I want
I've waited for it so long

diamonds I find them in dark red mud
life is gentle bloom i'm finally aware
I build castles but can't see inside yet
there's way too much meaning given to this life

i've waited for it so long
wish there was nothing to want

i can see your memory blooming in the yard pushing the leaves on the magnolia
but I can't remember you under the tree scratching your face that's what I'm sweating for
I've got nothing left to say to you I'm next to you I care for you
If you need to lean on go to the yard it's getting old I knew it would

I've got nothing left to say to you I'm next to you I care for you
I can see a cardinal laying on its chest cutting the grass for a long worm
Thinking of a sunny day back in LA back with my friends again
Looking from the porch down onto the yard it's getting dark I knew it would
I don't need to lean on anyone cuz in my yard there's heavy wood

Thinking of a funny day back in LA back with my friends again
but it's just a memory blooming in my head for you



Airhead DC is a moniker of Washington, D.C.-born Vishal Narang. He has been writing and recording his music since 2011, beginning as the lo-fi punk Milk Ghost and later focusing on sample-driven space pop as Nirvanus, who released their debut Bootleg Dong EP in the summer of 2014 on Danger Collective Records.

The two EPs Krunchy #1 and Basement DC were recorded at the artist’s home. The EPs carry with them similar sounds and feelings but are distinctive in their instrumentation, with Krunchy #1’s keyboard-heavy compositions and Basement DC’s house-party-rock-band vibe, both striving for an experimental pop sound. They were released together digitally and on limited edition marbled cassettes by Danger Collective Records on July 31st.

Vishal also writes poetry and has been published under the name 'Shal Nirvanus' in Apogee Journal, Western Beefs of North America, and Potluck Magazine.