FIVE: excerpt of GHOST GFS by catch business / by Electric Cereal

a poem from GHOST GFS
by catch business


just like me

loud enough so
you can like me

i ask if you’ve cheated
or if you would

and we decide
if you want her

you will tell me
you don’t have to

i hear her
in your pill-dry voice

fringed elements
of our emotions


you say we need to work on us
that there is no me in me now 

so what else can i show you?
other than the limbs bent before you 

i believed i would never bend again 

not for her not for your love of her
and not for a fantasy of three


as if these possibilities
occurred outside of the we 

she defined for you
to use on me 

lesson plans to reflect
intrigue with your clumsy tongue 

invitations carried thru
the nameless crowd
she asked to sit near you

behind a sequined mask
i could’ve become 

a chance for you to feel
what she made you feel




Catch Business is the author of GHOST GFS (Electric Cereal, 2015) and Able To / Always Will (CCM, 2016). Follow her on Tumblr and Twitter.

Electric Cereal is an indie press and online journal. Follow them on Twitter and Tumblr.