The Pact / by Daniel Ian

Bobby and Harry made a pact one morning whilst under the stairs. They were silent almost always except for when they were alone, together, beneath the stairs. Their silence, though quite unusual, was deliberate. The youngest boy of the house was the only one who could see them. This is why, despite Bobby and Harry’s greatest efforts, the youngest boy of the house vowed never to go under the stairs. He could hear their muffled voices from anywhere in the house without ever caring about what was spoken. Because they never spoke anywhere other than beneath the stairs, they would write the youngest boy of the house letters or perform post-rock instrumentals. When they were bored they tidied his room. Not once did they outright ask him to join them beneath the stairs, but they often turned out all the lights in the house, creating total darkness, except for an inviting glow emanating from beneath the stairs. The darkness would sometimes go on for days; not even daylight could penetrate it. But the youngest boy of the house refused the lure of the light every time. The youngest boy of the house was also the oldest boy of the house. He was the only boy. There were no girls either. The youngest boy of the house, Bobby and Harry were the only ones occupying the house. Bobby and Harry had each other. The youngest boy of the house had nobody except for Bobby and Harry. He did not want them they were just there.


Daniel Ian writes things and sometimes these things make everything seem less scary. You can find them in London, UK, pushing equipment around a hospital.