Boris / by Charlie Corbett

I have news. 
My sexual ideal has shifted 
to a schlubby bloated 
post-athletic Jew 
sort of a Sven laid waste 
by Cheez-Its and, yes 
a lot more like my father. 
I want to die. 
no that’s 
not what I meant 
to say what I 
meant to say was 
I don’t think there is a poem 
or if I wrote a book today 
I could make it quite as big 
as what we did 
but we really didn’t do anything. 
Shakespeare loved a straight dude that way 
which is weird 
because we’re both available, 
That is all - - 
Oh, and police lights look pretty 
reflect on the tree 
red / blue 
blue \ red yes 
the cops shut down my street