Paradise / by Andy Stallings

Though only a few miles

further east, she thought of

herself as nearer to the sun.

Faulty logic is nothing like

faulty piping. The tower’s

steps, dark and cool. But why

should an eighth-grade

understanding of temperature

suffice, ergo language, ergo

empathy. The children

troubled the ducks, no matter

the children, never mind

the ducks. With water

in mind, with water at

heart, we set out walking

south and arrived at water.

The door stood open,

allowing warm air from the

deck to mix with cooled air

from the house in a sort of

floating estuary navigated by

bugs. Sudden noise was

usually a timer buzzing or

beeping, which someone

slapped shut or off.





Andy Stallings lives, teaches, and coaches cross country running at Deerfield Academy in Western Massachusetts. His first book of poems, To the Heart of the World, came out with Rescue Press in 2014, and other poems from Paradise can be found around the internet.