I'm Having a Day / by Colin Drohan

I acknowledged
I wanted

to take action
to do something

as the woman
began collecting

my hair clippings
but I was too scared

to ask what
she was

doing instead
of having me pay

she explained
herself & told me

she was making
her husband

a new toupee out
of my hair & therefore

out of me she
liked my hair

but I don’t
understand how

she can just
make a toupee

out of a stranger’s hair
logistically & without asking

especially considering
law & risk of disease

in the future
when she makes

love to her husband
in my hair will she

think of me
as she climaxes

or alternatively
will my non-

existent lover
think of the man

he passes on the street
with my hair on his head

these questions are
bothering me

in a way not unlike
the questions:

when will Graham
get home & when

will I stop eating food
my body can’t digest

& when will this pimple
on my forehead disappear

tonight I am alert
& questioning

most of what I know
to be honest

I would like
the answers

now but need to
be more patient

in a poem I once wrote
that Kmart came to me

(though it was actually
I that went to Kmart)

& gave me
answers & solutions

to all my questions
but someone told me

I should stop
writing about Kmart

& start writing
about real issues

which made me
laugh & ask

about the difference
between the two

what I didn’t tell
her was that the poem

about Kmart was actually
a poem about sadness

but I tell myself poems
about sadness are worthy

of eye rolls in a bad way & I
don’t want to be given anything

in a bad way so instead
I wrote a poem about Kmart

which is where
I used to buy

antidepressants when I was sad
in the clinical sort of way

I wish now that I had asked
the person against Kmart

poems what I should write
about to make her happy

my mind drifts
to the time Jack Kerouac

told Frank O’Hara
he was ruining American poetry

& Frank smiled while saying
“that’s more than you

ever did for it” & like
the diva he was walked away

from the microphone & though
this person never told me

anything that extreme
& though I am awful

at comebacks & even
though I know how

inappropriate it is to compare
myself to Frank O’Hara

in literally any regard
but especially this

I’m having a day
& will do what I please





Colin Drohan is from Chicago and lives both in New York and on Twitter @colindrohan.