Three Poems / by Katie Lewington


In the arena of literature
Stands a little
Porn figure
Waxed and
Stomach concave
With thighs that
Cause thunder
On the stand of
Clear plastic
That was moulded
From the spunk
That she






Thinking, today
Just want to get drunk
                       Have hugs
Instead I’m sitting here
And waiting
In this silent building





Nothing  is

Is breathing
Is sitting and reading
Is working for money
Is loving a person you’ve got time for
Is holding a child, 
                        Pushing them on the swings
Is bleaching the toilet
Is being in the supermarket, 
                             Finding they’ve discontinued
                                              Another brand
Is having a talk that’s
                             Becoming a row
Is lying in the bath and having
                           A drink among the warm bubbles
Is laughing
                       With a lump in the throat
Is doing all sorts of things
Is nothing
But, you know 
                    They all count.





Katie Lewington is a student. When she isn't studying she spends her time searching for a job although she does often tend to be distracted by the blank page and all of the ideas in her head clamouring to get out onto it. She has previously been published in online magazine/journal After the pause.