Dream Vacations / by Danielle Elson

“Hello, this is the Worthington residence. How may I help you?

I think the real question is how I can help you. Im Dave calling from Dream Vacations and I would love to talk to you about the trip of your dreams. Im assuming this is Linda Worthington?

Uhhactually its Jessica. Jessica Wilson. I just work here. Which means I should definitely hang upUh, thank you now. Good bye--

Jessica! This could apply to you too. Stick around and Ill explain everything.

Look, I really should hang up. My employers are going to come home any minute and I still --

Just one minute of your time. Thats all Im asking for. You could miss the opportunity of a lifetime, Julia!

Its Jessica.

Right. Jessica. Anyway, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Im sure the Worthingtons will understand that their employee is just trying to take care of herself.

Err, I guess?

Thats the attitude I like to hear! Ok, listen carefully. I am willing to offer you the chance to be an owner of a piece of waterfront property for a very low price. If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go?

Probably Florida, right? Uh, yeah Florida I guess.

Florida! What a lovely state. Well, imagine this: This would not be just a one time vacation. This would be a place that you could return to year after year.

Sounds expensive.

Ah, it is anything but expensive. This property would only cost you a little but the reward is immense. You could visit this place every year but only pay for the time you stay there.

I really dont make that much --

All that stands between you and your lovely piece of real estate down by the ocean is a small payment of $10,000! Truly just a great deal. There is another small annual fee but the cost is nothing compared to the feeling of owning your own part of Florida.

Right. Uhm the cost is just a little high for my earnings…”

Jessica, listen. This cost is nothing and theres really no better investment than this kind of real estate right now!


Yes! Real estate is the soundest investment you can make. Forget a new car, buy a timeshare!

A new car is the last thing I could affordI would really love to go on a vacation but Im still not sure--

How about this: you come down to our next meeting at Sherwood Complex this Saturday and well explain the whole thing out plainly to you and the rest of our guests. Hey, you could even meet some of the people who could be the co-owners of the condo!

I guess I could maybe. If I get time off work…”

Also, as a thank you for even coming down, well throw in a free gift. Dream Vacations is willing to give guests who attend our short meeting a two night stay at Disney World Park! All you need to do is stay for the full 90 minute presentation and the tickets are yours! With or without your purchase of the seaside condo share.

Ive never been to Disney…”

All the more reason to come here! Ive really liked talking to you Julia --


Jessica. And for that reason, if you come down to this meeting, why dont I shave off $4,000 from the original asking price.


Yeah, woah is right. I feel like hard workers like yourself deserve the break.

Thatsthat could be doable.

Glad to hear it. OK so looks like our time here is coming to a close. Do you have any questions for me before the meeting?

I guess I have just a fewUh, so first question isWhat happens if I dont want to own my share anymore? How do I get rid of it?

What a great question. Thats why I like you, Julia. A smart girl like you asks the real questions. Doesnt let herself get fooled. Selling back is one of the easiest things you can do. Youll probably get your money back in full from the next buyer. Heck, you might even get a little more considering the high demand for such beautiful property. I mean, theres not any space left to develop on the water so you gotta buy whats there. People would be dying to take if off your hands.

Thats a relief cause Im not sure how long I could --

Well, great. Simply wonderful. I think weve covered a lot today. I looked forward to seeing you at the meeting.

I just have one more --

See you this weekend. Goodbye!


Hello? This is Diane Smith answering for the Sinclair family, how may I help you?

Hi there. This is Dave from Dream Vacations and I think the real question is how I can help you.





Danielle Elson is a freshman at the University of Connecticut. She is currently in a Creative Non-Fiction Writing class at the university and their final project includes them submitting a piece of our work from the semester to a publishing venue. This is that piece.