Four Poems / by Alex Wennerberg

& here we are

sad eyes pointing
mere white air
can you believe this, 
fingers watertwirling
moving like a black shoe






free mints

green heart leafy
i’m a narcissitic moth: 
all i think about is flying! 
it’s impossible to make mistakes






i bottled a forest and broke it on my hands and now there is trees in my blood

i cant fly & i cant swim
instead i caress a dead mill
legs tumbling in a careless fog
there’s nothing easier in the whole world






the secret ingredient is LOVE!

forever falling
dust to dust
river-y bodies
the softest i’ve ever felt
like being hugged by a CLOUD!






Alex Wennerberg is a Physics student at Truman State University and has work featured in Electric Cereal and Zoomoozophone Review.