ONE: Woodwork by BROOKE WADE / by Brooke Wade Murphy

"I’m Brooke, a woodworker living and creating in Brooklyn. BROOKE WADE was born out of a desire to make beautiful, traceable goods that would last a lifetime.

"BROOKE WADE is founded on the belief that even our smallest choices impact our selves, our families, our neighbors, and our environment. My products enable people to give those small choices a healthy impact.

"Every piece of wood I use comes from found, fragment, or reclaimed sources, meaning no trees are cut down and no destructive industries are supported to create them. This makes each BROOKE WADE product traceable; it belongs to a unique collection, with an origin story linked to a specific person, place, and time.

"I want to be part of a cultural shift from a purchase-and-pitch mentality to one of conscious consumption. That’s why each BROOKE WADE product is thoughtfully designed and crafted to become an enriching part of quotidian life, and last for a lifetime of use."

  • This slingshot is meant for target practice. The latex bands are industrial strength for a very powerful shot, and the fork is a wide angle (45+ degrees) for ease of use. The bands are attached using the "over-the-fork" method (see demonstration photo), which provides the longest band life, most accurate shot, and is considered the safest construction method for the shooter. The perfect gift for your adventurous teenage niece, your dad, or that city-slicker friend who wants to get back to nature.