ONE: Tica Douglas / by Tica Douglas

if I were born a boy, they were gonna call me joey
once they got to know me
they all called me joey

i would watch the lovers, to see which one i was
the boy puts his arm round the girl on the couch
so that’s what i’d dream of

a love i could touch
that could touch me

i hope i don’t exhaust you, like i exhaust myself
with the changing and the shifting
and becoming someone else

see that’s the wrong me
not joey, and not me. 

these long summer days
i'm old enough to love them
i’m lying on my back
and you are there above me

these short summer nights
i’m old enough to love them
i’m lying on my back
i try to let you come in

this is what she told me
it’s me and it’s me only
who could be this kind of holy
mix of me and joey

so I grew up believing
the world was meant for me
and now i’m old enough to love
these fleeting summer evenings. 




Tica Douglas is from Portland, Maine and now lives in Brooklyn. After years of releasing bedroom recordings, Tica took a collection of songs to a farm in Maine and recorded Joey in a week during the summer of 2014.