TWO: Tica Douglas / by Tica Douglas


forty-four more sunsets
until you and me baby
we make it out west

where people go to see mountains
i’ve been promising you this day
since the day we met

oh late have i loved you
beauty ever ancient
and ever new

early will i seek thee
you can tell me all the things
you’re dying for me to do

the hours slip past
and the years move fast

it’s hard to see your friends change
you see it happen
in the smallest ways

and only then do you realize
the small things are all the things
you miss these days

so all meanness be gone now
you ain’t got nothing
to do with me

my weakness is my own
my own to hold
my own to keep

the hours slip past
and the years go fast

i remember the morning
he said that he realized
where you must start

you don’t have to be injured
to still feel the tearing
you love in your heart

it’s okay not to suffer
you don’t have to be broken
to make heartbreaking art

the hours go fast
and the years slip past




Tica Douglas is from Portland, Maine and now lives in Brooklyn. After years of releasing bedroom recordings, Tica took a collection of songs to a farm in Maine and recorded Joey in a week during the summer of 2014.