day three: for emi / by friends of emi

dropping new fruit

the little tomato plant in a can
that was handed to me
is still stretching its long neck up
toward the light
that hand i held yesterday
everywhere i look
still dropping fruit


A Hundred New Pieces

It's been a little over two months, emi. By now you will have flown far over the moon and back. You will have been to the Marianas Trench and made friends with an angler fish. You will have pressed yourself between two tectonic plates and shaken us awake in the night. By now you're wondering what else there is to be. Today, perhaps you will have already become a hundred new pieces. A hundred newborns squeal for the first time, all bearing a mark on their souls, of which you will be a small but integral part. Happy birthday. 

July 7th, 2016


—Rebecca Jordan



Here's a sketch I drew of emi on our first day of class. The quote is what she said she was interested in writing about. of course. :)

— Jamila Reddy