Pill / by Jared T. Fischer

they try to kill my baby when they lock my ass up.


man hand me a pill. i throw it on the floor. step on it. then he push me up against a wall. smack me.


one guy he open up my mouth. get a pill on my gums. i go and bite the fuck out his finger.


he scream like a cat and punch me in the face.


i turn to another wall, cupping my jaw. my teeth! see a woman there come up.


calm, she get the pill in because i’m hurting.


my eyes crying, glued on that cracked wall behind her. one minute silent like dead.


then i say you gonna kill my baby. you gonna kill my baby. and i want to give birth.


they ain’t say shit.


feel sick before i go sleep, tasting that powdery pill, and they screw me. in my dream my baby fall out.


ain't one in my arms or on the floor when i woke.


it tore me up looking at the same people next day. doing somebody different. but not punching like how they do me.


Jared T. Fischer is a writer from Baltimore, MD, currently stationed in Austin, TX. He runs a literary blog called www.wuweifashion.com and also has another blog that he updates daily over at www.rainbowkolor.blogspot.com. His work has been featured at What Lit, Thought Catalog, Baltimore City Paper and Purple Pig Lit. He has written for Potluck before.