Michael / by Jamie Courville

A linguist told me "squirrels" is the hardest word to say in the English language. I started a project called Squirrels Stories for the things that are difficult to talk about.

Michael is a thirty year old artist living in Brooklyn and fighting leukemia. When recorded, he was waiting for a stem cell transplant. To read more about Michael's story, visit his blog. You will find some lovely photos there as well.

Update: Michael has made it through his transplant. He talks about reaching the 100 days milestone and looks to the long path of recovery ahead.


Squirrels Stories by Jamie Courville is a collection of stories; it is a place for things that are difficult to talk about; it is where these amazing audio portraits were originally published.

Jamie Courville spent twelve years in the film business wearing one hat or another on projects large and small, including  continuity for Muppets, editing video art and documentaries and founding a video collective. These days, she likes to record the voices and faces of people who are seldom heard and strive to get them to places where they will be. You can find her on Twitter here