Three Poems / by Christopher Suda

Before the Sermons (Reprise)

Before a blossom shoots
into its heavier, sturdier seed
I was sure to notice or 

comment on the
positions of his hair,
well before the chaplain’s gown
dried over his bones. Off

antiqued leaves, the lungs,
his engines, begun a reconstruction
of the tongue for its modern day
uses. Time was cornered into a lonely

moment; a moment we all shared 
or remembered from another first

time. This is all that’s left—You &
I together within dense shells, scurrying 
by the faces as fire does

by smoke. Although precious,
we could’ve removed the fingerprint,
your fingerprint, to see how
we related; or if we could at all.

Again and Again I recalled a rose, but
nonetheless I’m still mistaken.

After all of this was left
for only us, or before all
of this has left us all alone

we need to lend a separate
vow to the fisherman
who lived and live:
the sea will lose its scent.




Engines Above Our Yard

Minute from minute, fire
again cleaves fire. It ages
all it builds; never
to vanish

(but will, in time ease)

into concluding echoes
we imagine to never

understand. I wonder
can this room, plunged with light
heavy enough to bury our dust,
be here only to unwind us?

I lean each eyelid toward the shadows, 
waiting on thudding voices to appear.




Providence (Freedom Has Come and Gone)

People talk to heaven
like it's glass; made
to mend and bend us

all at once. Can you hear
Him again? He’s working
on our own free

Again we built
another wild ghost; 
make us free
you from ourselves. 

There is there,
and is that all?

Funerals, then funeral?

Funerals echo


us all.

We're made
born to vanish

like the Maldives
below the Indian.





Christopher Suda is currently a twenty-four year old undergraduate at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His poetry has been published in Shot Glass Journal, blazeVOX, Wilderness House Literary Review, The Aura Literary Review, Poetry Super Highway, and other literary journals. He is a musician involved in three current music projects: Philos Moore (singer-songwriter), In Snow (Instrumental), and Loveislight (Experimental Hip-Hop).