Two Poems by Christopher Mulrooney




power of snowflakes never to be the same

to be frozen and perish as water and be pattern

sign and symbol of something else a star as one dead

in Greek and Phœnician alphabets of constellations Arabic also

that neverending stretch to the farthest part of time

and melt when the sun shines out again my lovely






how that my foot with its pink tip rides my waveborne mistress-mad

lover’s root with a tenderfoot step she says

so that it shudders

all through me the tips of my hair sparkle






Christopher Mulrooney is the author of symphony (The Moon Publishing & Printing), flotilla (Ood Press), viceroy (Kind of a Hurricane Press), and jamboree (Turf Lane Press, forthcoming).  His work has recently appeared in West Wind Review, Zettel, Indefinite Space, California Quarterly, and The Southampton Review.