Two Poems by Colin Drohan by Colin Drohan


The Tragedy of the Commons


Growing up won’t give me

what I need to know.


The Kmart is out of love and I think

they were the last ones to have any.


Giving is just taking from someone to let

someone else take whatever you took.


I wanted to take love and put it somewhere

but didn’t know where. Now there’s no love left.


The first modern humans appeared 200,000 years ago,

and people have been taking from them ever since.




Apartment Story


Most of my life takes place

in my apartment, and most of my

roommate’s life takes place

in my apartment. Megan Ermilio

comes for dinner and my roommate

is on his computer. He closes the door,

and I feel uncomfortable. He comes out,

and Megan and I are in the middle of

a conversation I’m not enjoying. Megan says,

Everyone is at some point supposed to be

very depressed. You know that, right? It’s

a part of living. I think my roommate thinks

she’s talking about him and he feels

uncomfortable, but she’s talking about

me. She says, Living, once more with more

emphasis, as if she has authority to make

statements like that. I nod and pretend like I agree

though I’m not quite sure that I do.

                                                 And Megan!

You know you’re my favorite. It’s just that

you have this way of saying things that makes me

believe you, and  I do believe you! Or maybe

I just want to believe you. I think you believe

certain things to comfort yourself—we all

do! But what I wanted to say at dinner was,

When someone’s life happens

so closely to someone else’s there’s no way

to live with emphasis on living.




Colin Drohan studies literature and writing at New York University. He was born in Chicago and lives both in New York and on Twitter.