Two Poems by Caroline Hayes by Caroline Hayes




In dreams

I find the person

to whom I wish to speak

The fore- and background merge-

a Japanese painting-

& then I know

I’m in my dreams again

trapped inland

There are days I can’t dress

I imagine myself a child

riding a tiger

or something as exciting

Clothes can’t matter!

especially in yoga

I like the pose

limbs close in

and press all-center

I’m all crunched up

Legs bent to buffer

the weight falling

toward the spine

A different kind of therapy

a little canopy

hung slim upright






a lake at the foot of the Poconos

drifted us lily pads among trees


more alone now than in that

orange peel boat


how scary

attachment revealed

and reviled

a small vase


we turn to fall

sun-tipped trees

driving tired


a tennis ball in the kitchen

actually a peach


my mom

seldom laughs so hard

and me

‘do birds breathe

while they tweet’



Caroline Hayes is a 'creative type' currently living in Philadelphia.