Firefly / by Sterling Jacobs

My, how its light dots the eye, bathed in an effervescent glow.  Its aura is incandescent, like a burning sun that sets within one’s soul.  When the spring would come, the summer would join in; their nights were clear enough for those gentle little insects to sparkle in the dark.

It was a marvel really, encased in a child’s memory.  But it was more than that; an experience.  There were multitudes of those little bundles of bulbs pulsating while fluttering about the local lawn.  As a child, I would always look forward to catching them when I could.  

And when I did catch one, I would hold it within the palms of my hands and stare into its innocence. I would want to keep it; but then, its little body would faintly flicker and I realized that sensation: What was it? Ah yes, tenderness.  I knew then it would be best to let it go.  I knew that, just as that firefly had brought a sense of bliss to my somewhat centered self; it should be able to be free to do so for others as well.

We all, like fireflies, have that ability to light up each other’s life.  Being amongst those little insects has taught me that.  It’s not an endeavor that is always easy. And it's getting harder to do.  But it's still worth striving for. When you have someone who is important to you, it’s good to give sustenance to the person’s being. And in the end, you light up each other’s life. There’s enough darkness in the world as it is; we need all the light we can get.


Sterling Jacobs received his Associates degree in art at Murray State College in 1999 then his Bachelors degree at East Central University in 2007. Most of his work centers on painting and ceramics ranging from pottery to ceramic figures to fine art animation mixed with poetry and other forms of writing merged into a graphic novel format. His website is From The Bottlehead Beatnick.