Two Poems / by Emily Carney

critical review of nightcrawler starring 75% of jake gyllenhaal

typing ‘’ into my browser bar,
a chuck taylor ad appears and reads as comforting 

the ad communicates comfort to me through its anonymity
and so any sort of love for this ad feels anonymous too 

the united states, wearing false eyelashes from mac,
rambles that anonymous love in exchange for money is ‘probably, most likely, sacred’
and that it got that one from barbara kruger and can I mention that here

actions representative of this idea fulfill themselves through you and make you mobile
you send sexts about where you have been and press nylon against found sheets of glass

maybe observe the power of people you cannot control, then immediately sit on a chair
it might make you feel stupid, which seems legitimate and enjoyable

somewhere, donald trump prepares for snl






space between ownership

at the mall, men look at me for a little
and I think, ‘you could fuck me, you just never ask’ 
I want submission to wash over me like a warm tide
foaming at the tips with creme lilies
submerged and rolling right at my belly
~preserve everything with formulaic cruelty~ 
walking around in our clothes through all of the rooms in your mom’s house
before the basics where substance falls close enough
I heard they buried thousands of atari video games deep under the mexican desert
what I want is for you to do that to me






 Emily Carney lives in Connecticut and tweets @emily_carney_. Her debut poetry collection, Old & Young Porn, will be released from Electric Cereal in 2016.