Day 3 / by Amanda Dissinger


we are rapid succession
stop making me feel bad when i wildfire
when i talk too much
you’re like choking on nothing
like seeing something that isn’t there
like stoplights like golights
you wanted a prairie, i gave you infinite oceans, infinite archipelagoes

and words you can’t say

i imagine the night that i lose you will be windy,
will be dustblown, guaranteed
and guarantee you’ll never see me in a nightgown
never know the true color my eyes turn when they look at you

i imagine the night that i lose you to the prairies,
to the snow, to Paris, to the lights, that we are ice skating
that we are talking about how we’ll feel when we finally see that rainbow
i keep imagining the night that i will lose you,i keep holding on to the things that have been promised to never be lost

i believe you rapidly, successfully
i roll under, i am anew,
i am absorbed and without poise




This poem is from Amanda Dissinger's first collection of poetry, 'This is How I Will Tell You I Love You' out now via Bottlecap Press (link here: The book release party will be taking place at Brooklyn's Baby's All Right, Saturday June 6th at 1pm with poetry readings (including Potluck contributor Eric Silver) and musical performances. More info is here: