Day 4 / by Amanda Dissinger

state line

I was stuck behind a woman in Whole Foods today that talked loudly about her best friend running off with a 20 year old Greek jeans model

(what i’m trying to say is there are crazier things than the way i feel about you)

sometimes I am trapped in the tunnel and I want to scream your name to have a part of you with me
sometimes everyone wears your face and I come undone
sometimes I want an IV of your voice into my bloodstream
sometimes I need to know I am the only one that turns your lights on 

and have I told you that Bowery is my favorite street in the city and there is an outdoor cafe that I picture us sitting at, even in the cold?
have i told you about the night i walked eight miles and learned the words to all your songs?
have i told you i have tap danced for every other lover beside you? 
have I told you this love is full circle, a grand opening? 
have I told you that you are all of my favorite things and that my desire for you is spelled with more letters than just six?
I know it’s not smart to show you my hand, but these are my best cards yet
goddamn the things I would do for you
goddamn this fire you set without matches

I am an undercover wreck and all I want is you
your bottom lip, tattooed flowers, your weekends
unbridled, unbound me and explosive, immensive you




This poem is from Amanda Dissinger's first collection of poetry, 'This is How I Will Tell You I Love You' out now via Bottlecap Press (link here: The book release party will be taking place at Brooklyn's Baby's All Right, Saturday June 6th at 1pm with poetry readings (including Potluck contributor Eric Silver) and musical performances. More info is here: