DAY TWO: Selected Poems / by Mac Maclean

draft #3


Yesterday I cut flowers
and shoved them into your paper shredder
because I am going to hell anyway
so I thought
Why not.
And it smelled good in a funny way.
It was sticky in a way I expected.
And it’s broken, no doubt.
It didn’t make me miss you less, and
I doubt it will make you miss me more. Well, 
actually, I just read that it’s impossible.

In fact, I just read that since you are dead
I will have to buy a new paper shredder.


Mac Maclean is a poet and senior at Oberlin College. They co-host a queer radio hour and are eagerly waiting for the radio to make its Big Comeback! People can tune in on Fridays at 1pm on and check their face @hell.evator on Instagram.